What is holistic health?

Holistic health focuses on the person as a whole and is not just concerned with addressing single symptoms. As your holistic health coach I will focus on you and your career, relationships, physical activity, spirituality and nutrition.

Who do you help?

I am available to coach anyone, especially in my personal coaching sessions, but my workshops are designed specifically for educators.

Why educators?

After working in the education sector for more than ten years and across two continents, I noticed that the health and welfare of educators seems to be forgotten.

Burn out, stress leave, and mental breakdowns were unfortunately all too common and now seem to be on the rise. The role of an educator has evolved into so much more than “just” teaching. In addition to being an educator you are expected to be a social worker, therapist and sometimes even taking on the role of a parental figure.

Does this sound familiar? Let’s connect and let me show you how I can support you.