Meet Aaron

Hi, my name is Aaron Brown and I am a passionate holistic health coach, certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York.

I am currently living in Germany with my wife and our dog, Steven. Originally from Australia, my path took me to the opposite side of the globe and has opened my eyes to many different lifestyles and cultures.

For more than 10 years education was my “home” and this was where and when I realised that I wanted to create a different lifestyle for myself and also turn my passion for listening to and helping people into my career.

Being calm and centred as well as sincerely enjoying helping people has been an integral part of all the jobs I have held and manifested throughout my health coaching studies.

I enjoy creating a space where you feel happy and confident to talk to me and seeing you make the changes you wish to make is what drives me. For you to become a healthier and happier version of yourself is our goal and I am looking forward to helping you with that!

For many of us stress and anxiety are all too familiar and I want to show you ways of living the life you want to live.

Personally, I wanted to live abroad and experience different cultures and ways of life for many years but different thoughts were holding me back.

I have built my life here!”

I can’t possibly afford living and travelling abroad!”

“I will miss out on x, y!”

It’s a long way from home!”

What if….!”

These were only a few of the excuses that I made. Let’s stop wasting time and let’s work on what we can do!