A bit more about me

This week I thought I’d give you all a little bit more information on who I am and what kind of things have led me to where I am today and especially to becoming a health coach.

In the future I would like to call this space 'Epic People' and use it to bring someone into the spotlight that has been an inspiration to me.

I was raised in a small town just outside of Byron Bay, which is on the eastern coast of Australia. I grew up playing every sport I could possibly try and loved being outdoors. In my teenage years my main focus became music, the ocean and football (soccer). I have great parents who really cared for my brother and I and we were a pretty regular family in most regards.

After school I floated in and out of a few different jobs, until eventually pursuing a career in education. Having lived in Brisbane for a while, I faced several big changes and challenges in my life. This was also when I decided to adopt a plant-based diet, which was purely a compassionate decision at that point. During this time, I also met my wife and we decided to move to Europe.

At that point my life had completely changed and my awareness of health and wellness really begun. I started to read labels on products and began questioning a lot of things. Researching things further, delving deeper into nutrition facts and beginning to ask about the 'why' became the norm. This interest then turned into a passion and I decided to enrol to become a health coach.

It took me a long time to realise that the term 'health' involves so much more than just food or what the scales read. There was a time when I did pay a lot of attention to them. Now I am more conscious than ever about what I am eating, but the numbers I see on the scales are just that – numbers. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been, recently graduated as a holistic health coach and ready to help others make a change, too.

Prioritising my relationship with my wife and my family as well as my close friendships has become extremely important. I now try to surround myself with people that I feel bring the best out in me and avoid people who are always focusing on the negatives.

Ensuring I practice self-care is also key for myself. Meditation has become an important part of my daily routine and I also enjoy the freedom of running. Both of these activities give me time to reflect
and think and I definitely notice it, when I miss one of these activities.

I feel that every day is a chance for me to improve and I am a constant work in progress, as I feel we all should be. Being a conscious human being and trying to be the kindest, most understanding
and compassionate person I can be is something I now strive for.

If you want to connect, I am offering a free 50-minute Health History consultation for anyone who wants to work on improving themselves. It would be great to connect with you!

Aaron Brown