Epic Knowledge - "Finding Ultra" By Rich Roll

You might have come across Rich Roll’s name already, nevertheless I wanted to use this weeks 'Epic Knowledge' to introduce his book 'Finding Ultra' which has been a great source of inspiration to me. Rich Roll is an author, plant-based athlete and hosts his own podcast. His wife, Julie Piatt, is also creating noise as an author, musician and spiritual healer.

To be honest I don't remember how and when exactly I started listening to Rich’s podcast, but I have been doing so for about three years now. He seems to be a very down to earth, compassionate and intelligent human. Being interested in finding out a bit more about him led me to picking up his book 'Finding Ultra'.

The book follows Rich’s path from being accepted into a good college, exceeding at being a swimmer, graduating and starting a career. He is doing what most of us attempt to do and ticking off all of life's 'important' milestones.

Without wanting to give too much away here, his life then took a turn and he found himself in a downward  spiral of substance abuse and leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Eventually, and with the support of his wife, he turned his life around by adopting a plant-based diet and exercising regularly. In a matter of months, he was running some serious distances. Over time he was taking on insanely long races including a 320-mile elite Ultraman.

What truly struck a chord with me was that Rich’s story is quite relatable and can be an inspiration to anyone who is struggling mentally or physically. The challenges everyone faces might be different but he describes ways of getting out of it. Whether that be kicking addiction or just getting your butt of the couch. He does things that might seem impossible possible and he does it fuelled on plants.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of 'Finding Ultra' and also check out his podcast. I think we could do with more people like Rich in this world!

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Aaron Brown