Personal Coaching

I currently offer a 3-month program as a quick reboot or a 6-month program for those of you looking to get yourselves back on track.

In my coaching sessions I firstly provide a space for listening. This will be the foundation of all further work we will be doing together. My holistic approach is focussing on all important aspects of your life such as relationships, physical activity, career, spirituality, health and dietary habits and bringing these (back) into alignment.

I will design an individualised program tailored exactly to your needs and guide you through the process.

Finally, I want this experience to be an enjoyable and educational one. My goal is for you to become happier and more empowered to make lifelong changes to better yourself.

Both programs include:

- support and guidance to make the lifestyle changes you want

- two 50-minute sessions a month throughout the program (sessions can be face to face, online or via phone)

- e-mail support between sessions

- weekly accountability check-in emails