I also offer workshops for groups focusing on self-care and employee and team wellness.

These workshops are designed to help you reduce pressure and anxiety that you might feel relating to your job, as well as equipping you with the skills to deal with stressful situations around your workplace. I aim to help you implement realistic daily practices into your life that can have a profound effect on your wellbeing.

I would like to help you wake up and be excited about your workday ahead, not dreading it and hoping just to make it through.

My first hand experience in education has led me to be knowledgeable and passionate about supporting this industry. I am very aware that teachers and teaching assistants are putting their health and wellbeing behind that of others or neglecting it completely.

My workshops are customised to meet your needs whether you need a short introduction workshop or a full day program. I will provide you with a number of methods to reduce stress and anxiety in your day, whilst promoting open conversations to construct a happier, more productive workplace.

I provide you with methods that can also be used in the classroom or the workplace such as meditation, breathing techniques and team building. I aim to create a calmer and more positive and aware environment.

Important parts of the workshop are:

- What is self-care?

- How can I create a self-care practice?

- How to build a support network around you

- Am I ok? When to ask for help